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Christ Alone Holds the Answer

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

To the Colossians, the discipline demanded by the false teachers seemed good, and legalism still attracts many people today. Following a long list of religious rules requires strong self-discipline and can make a person appear moral, but religious rules cannot change a person's heart. Only the Holy Spirit can do that.

When you know Jesus Christ, you don't need to seek God by means of other religions, cults or unbiblical philosophies as the Colossians were doing (read Colossians 2 for reference). Christ alone holds the answer to the true meaning of life, because HE IS LIFE!

Christ is the unique source of knowledge and power for our life. We do not need anything in addition to what Christ has provided us to be saved. Sure, somedays we may not feel like it, but in Jesus the full power and presence of God can take up resident in your mind and heart. You are a new person equipped for life and satisfied in God.

Take some risk - God will guide you

Give more generously - God will supply

Love more freely - God will energize you

Say "can do" more often - God will amaze you!!

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