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Does Peace really exist?

This took me a long time to accept and actually experience.

The word peace in the world means to be without problems, conflict or stress. However, the peace that Jesus offers is something that the world cannot give or take away. 

• The peace Jesus offers defies circumstances. 

• The peace Jesus offers defies logic. 

I can remember thinking how is that even possible?

Have you ever doubted God, and thought how can we have peace amidst a world full of chaos? I get it. For someone who has never experienced it, that kind of peace can seem unattainable or impossible… but Jesus is the Prince of Peace.

He can speak one word and calm the winds and waves — and He can do the same thing with your heart full of fear, anxiety, and depression. 

When we are focused on Jesus, our minds will be fixed on His peace. Peace is found in trusting the person who controls all the things. The more you meditate on: 

His Great Power.

His Eternal Glory.

His Infinite Wisdom.

His Unwavering Faithfulness.

His Perfect Righteousness.

His Immense Patience and His heart of love for you, will always remain in perfect peace. 

So I challenge you, find peace in the midst of today. Ask Jesus to provide a type of a peace that people would be confused by. That’s the kind of crazy peace and love YOU are called to today.

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