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Religion vs. Relationship

It's so easy for to think that we are building a relationship with our Heavenly Father, when all we are really doing is following a religion. We must allow our minds and hearts to be conscious of what it is we are doing, and more importantly why we are doing what we are doing.

When we read the scriptures. Why are we reading? When we pray. What are we praying? When we serve. Why are we serving? When we help our neighbors. Why are we helping them? Is it because the Bible said these are the things which we are to do? Or is it because we genuinely want to serve God and know that by doing these things we are building intimacy with HIM, our maker, our Creator, Our giver of Life.

Let's take a moment to reflect and decide that we will serve Jesus because we want to know Him deeper, more intimately. Let's make a conscious decision - today - to not just check a box, but to presently acknowledge that it is HIM we are desiring and living for.

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