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Christian Faith

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Christian faith provides a growth track into knowledge of the truth, but along the way how do we guard against being deceived by the lies that are masquerading as "fine sounding arguments"?

If your growth track is too narrow, you become thick-headed and insular - no one can teach you a thing. Before long, you can't teach anyone around you because no one is listening. You become Isolated. Love disappears from your life.

If your track is too wide and every idea is an exciting new possibility, you'll waste a lot of time just keeping on track and risk some serious dangerous detours.

The key is Centering on Christ and grounding yourself in His word. Learn daily about the Savior. Study the Bible. Develop your knowledge on theology. Stay humble and curious about the amazing complexity of the World God has made. Ask lots of questions about the assumptions behind the ideas that are new to you. Press toward wisdom. Pray for understanding .Ask the Holy Spirit to help you decipher between what is of God, and what is of man.

The more we draw our strength from Him, the less we will be fooled by those who falsely claim to have lifes answers. If Christ is our strength, we will be free from Human regulations.

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